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Jan 23

February - Amazon Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 11:36 AM by Samia Singleton

February 1, 2017 – Founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron products for the transportation, construction and residential industry, Amazon Metal Fabricators, Inc. characterizes a company that understands its industry, knows its market and the importance of diversification to long term success.
Originally from South Africa, President and Founder Donald Benson relocated to Cocoa by chance. During a sailing trip around the world, he stopped at Port Canaveral to view a shuttle launch. While docked at Port Canaveral, his boat broke down. Then, he decided to stay in the area.
“We came here with the intent to watch the shuttle take off. Then one thing led to another and we’ve been here ever since,” says Benson, a process engineer by trade.
In 1985, Benson purchased Anchor Burglar Bars and IronCraft Inc., companies specializing in residential security bars and gates. Realizing the demand for residential security bars was decreasing, Benson diversified into manufacturing railing for condominiums. In 1996, he formed Amazon Metal Fabricators, Inc.
“At that time, there was good business for security bars, but…there is not such a demand as there was before,” says Benson.
In its early stages, Amazon Metal Fabricators, Inc. manufactured products for condominiums and high-end residence, specializing in spiral staircases, railings, gates and ornamental ironwork. “We did the railing on the entire 10-story condominium at 21 Riverside Avenue,” says Benson. Due to the recession, condominium and high-end residential development slowed down and Benson knew it was time to diversify the company again.
In 2006 Amazon Metal Fabricators, Inc. shifted gears from manufacturing residential products to manufacturing handrails for bridges and roadways for the U.S. Department of Transportation.
The success of Amazon Metal Fabricator, Inc. led Benson form another company specializing in noise and vibration reducing foam-filled railing named Foam Filled in 2009. “We found when we were doing condominium railings, under some conditions the wind causes loud humming noises on railings. So, we developed a process and built our own machine customized to inject foam into the railings to reduce the noise,” says Benson.

Benson’s business savvy has led Amazon Metal Fabricators, Inc. to become a leading manufacturer of metal products. The employer of six would like to eventually expand its companies into overseas markets.

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